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Claim Information

Available Claim Forms

To submit a claim use one of the appropriate links below. If none are available for your particular claim, please contact us directly.

After hours claims reporting:

Tri-Co Insurance Emergency Phone Number: 919-353-0863
 Allstate-Personal Lines      1-800-255-7828 
 Allstate-Commercial Lines  1-800-359-1000
 Builders Mutual      1-800-809-4861
 Erie  1-800-367-3743
 Foremost  1-800-527-3907
 GMAC  1-800-325-1088
 Hagerty  1-800-922-4050 Option 5 
 Hagerty Roadside Assistance         1-888-310-8020 Towing service must be dispatched by Hagerty 
 Progressive                                 1-800-776-4737
 Progressive Roadside Assistance  1-800-776-2778

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